We expect tutors to display the key competencies assessed during the interview process at

all times. In addition:


  • We expect our tutors to deliver tuition of the highest standards. We expect goals for each student to be set at the start of tuition and for these to be reviewed on a monthly basis.
  • Where a date/time for a session has been agreed with a client, tutors are expected to honour this agreement
  • We expect our tutors to give a reasonable level of commitment and have the capacity to tutor based on the agreement with clients.
  • We expect a minimum commitment of six months for a tuition position.


  • Tutors must contact a new client by telephone within 24 hours of being sent client contact details, and only email if they are unable to get through.
  • We expect Tutors to notify CMN Management once the date and time of an initial meeting have been confirmed with the client. We expect the tutor to follow up with CMN Management after the first lesson
  • Once tuition has begun, we expect tutors to maintain consistent contact with the client ,responding to any queries promptly and in a professional manner.
  • If a tutoring engagement will no longer be continuing (either because the client hasdecided to stop or the tutor can no longer meet their requirements), the tutor is expectedto inform CMN Management at the earliest possible time.
  • Tutors are expected to update CMN Management of any changes in circumstance. Thisincludes new home address, new contact details or increased demands on time that mightimpact the quality/quantity of tuition they are able to provide.
  • We expect tutors to be easily contactable and to check their whatsapp at least once a day.The quicker we can advise a prospective client of a tutor’s availability, the more likely weare to secure work for that tutor.


  • All tutors are expected to complete monthly reports (P&P) for each student alongside their timesheets already being signed by the parent. These must be submitted promptly by5th day of each month along with the P&P submission. Tutors will be paid before 15th of each month for tuition completed in the previous month. However, the late submission of a timesheet can result in the tutor’s pay being delayed and can incur a penalty charge.

  • Once an hourly rate has been agreed for a particular job, tutors are expected to honour this agreement. CMN Tutors is unable to increase an hourly rate once it has been negotiated with the client.

  • The first session is a trial. If the client decides not to use an CMN Tutor beyond the first hour, we do not invoice them for it and the tutor will not be paid. Once a tutor is used beyond the first session, that first hour becomes billable and the tutor will be paid.


  • Client confidentiality is essential and paramount. Please do not discuss your clients to other parties and always obtain permission from clients before approaching anyone for information in relation to a student.


  • We like to work with tutors that are a pleasure to work with.


  • The closer our tutors work with CMN Management, the more we can do for you!  We expect tutors to keep us updated on their tutoring plans and the kind of work they are looking for.
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