Addicted to gadget is similar to drug addicted? Why? How?

Now the world is progressing. Economic improvement have changes human lifestyle. Starting from an easy and relaxing way of life into a more complex life. Economic change have change the lives of many people in line with the development of information and communication technology.

These developments make it easier for people to communicate without boundary. Information technology information or simply ICT (Information Communication Technology) explosion has brought great changes in our lives. The Internet, which was once an expensive communications technology medium, is now a widely used information and communication channel. In the past if we wanted to use the internet, computers were needed to access. But now, the internet is also capable of navigating through a mobile phone that has wireless Internet (Wireless) software.

Child experts has agreed that technology advancement lead to new problems on the growth of children, after an activist warns parents of the use of electronic gadgets, including mobile phones as their guardians. Clinical psychologist, Evelyn Soong said that the use of excessive electronic gadgets can cause symptoms similar to those experienced by drug addicts. He said there was an increasing in research in this regard, although there was no official diagnosis of electronic gadgets addiction. Drug abuse in the long term will lead to eventually change the user’s brain and they need more drugs to produce the same pleasure or imagination.

The disadvantages of these are:

  • Gadget offer great helps in learning, but does not encourage innovative learning style– teenagers that depend too much on gadget since childhood will decreasing their creativity on finding solutions to problems as they being pampered too much with informations
  • Discouraging conversations / interacting between parents and children– digital relationships can cause parents and child relationship to be tenuous when engaging with gadgets. Do not let the gadgets become barriers in family relationships.
  • May cause sleep disorders– For humans, we need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. We always sleep late due to gadget until late night. The exposed of blue light from the gadget can interfere our body that is ready to go sleep. This can cause us to often sleep at late night.
  • Spreading false rumors– Gadgets have been used as a tool for spreading false rumors through sms, whatsapp, and much more. Those who are easy to be deceived without making research about the news it is easy to spread it to others without investigate its validity. This will give a bad impact to certain parties.
  • Affect studies– This disadvantages among the students whose studies can be affected if the time spent on reviewing the lesson has been replaced by playing with gadget. Thus will neglected their studies. Various entertainment in gadget are more attractive to them than reading books. If students bring gadget into the classroom, worst things will happen in which students will less focus on their teacher.

The advantages of these are:

  • Communication tools– Mobile phones act as communication. It is the sole purpose of a mobile phone where it is used as a tool to communicate with other people no matter where they are. In the past, we could only communicate through letters which took a few days to receive. Home phone is only for those who are rich enough to afford it and public phones very limited in some places only.
  • An Entertainment – Gadget nowadays has been used as an entertainment with various functions such as listening to music, videos, take photos and share it with friends as well as playing video games. This has attracted all people to own it.
  • Ease daily task – This benefit specifically to those who do need gadget to access their email. It is a good thing for those who do a lot of works. Gadget nowadays has a lot of functions such as accessing email and other applications such as maps, words, excel, pdf, calender, reminder and many more that provided a lot of of conveniences to us.

Negative effects on kids:

  1. Radiaton effect

According to studies, radiation exposure from the gadget is a very dangerous to children’s health and development. Radiation from the gadget risky on causing disruption to the brain development and the immune system of children.

  1. Addiction

The effects of gadgets on children will cause them extreme addiction and unindependant. This will negatively affect the physical development of your child. Those who are addicted to gadget usually forget or less interest to eat that lead to lack of nutrition. Too much obsession can make a child to become quiet and passive person.

  1. Limit Growth Development

Over-dependent children to gadget tend to experience delays in their development process. It is because they do not like to do any movement and activities until their growth process becomes slow.

  1. Mental Illness

Uncontrollable of gadget can be one of the causes of mental illness such as stress, emotional disturbances and autism.

  1. Obesity

Children that is too obsess playing gadget are at risk getting overweight or obesity. It is because they do less movement and sweating which in result their fat not burned and cause of excessive weight gain.

  1. Lack of Sleep

Do not give the gadget to your child at night because it can cause interfere their sleeping time and slow down their growth. Playing games or watching videos at night will keep their eyes fresh until they having a hard time to sleep. Did you know that children need to get enough sleep to have a perfect growth?

  1. Negative Effect

Sometimes they watch videos that are not supposed to be without we noticed and some are watching violent acts like fights and also practiced it.

  1. Be Like Them

Be like them means go back to childhood and play, treat and join them together.

  1. Give Them Any Task

Give them any tasks such as dispose garbage, wipe the table, fold clothes, wash the car or anything related. Cant expect their outcomes are going to be amazing but these tasks can help them fill their leisure time. Make sure to praise all of their hardworks.

  1. Prepare Timetable For Them

If they are difficult to be separate with gadgets, try to set up a timetable and restrict gadget time from weekdays to weekend only and not more than an hour and train them to accept the timetable that you have set up. Even though they show any sign of rebelling, it is better than having their future affected.

  1. Let Them Do The Cleaning

Do not say “No” “Dont” or “Just Sit Down And Behave” as it simply restricts their activities. Let them play or do what they want as long as its not harming themselves but try to teach them to clean their mess.

  1. Spend Some Times With Family

Try to spend your holiday or weekend by being with the kids. Play games that can be played together and also lend your ears to their stories. Listen to everything your child wants to tell as they might not have a chance on the day you work.

  1. Avoid Playing Phone In Front Of Our Kids

Avoid playing phone in front of your children especially when they need your attention. Its because you only attract their attention on based what you are doing.

  1. Let Them Play As a Normal Kid

Allow them to play with their friends or sometimes just invite their friends to our house or studying together with them.

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